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Celia Gradín

Celia Gradín is Alchemist* and has lived in different countries such as the UK, USA, Italy, Canada, including six years in India and Nepal studying philosophy with the great teachers of wisdom. She is a simultaneous translator specializing in oriental philosophy and has translated the book Being Ultimately Perfect from the XII Tai Situpa. She's passionate about languages.

Regarding her Western training, she has a PhD in Fine Arts about Knowledge Theory (, a Diploma in International Relations and a Degree in Physics-Chemistry, also she is a member of the External Experts and Evaluators Panel of European Projects of Mobility of the SEPIE.

She is the founder and coordinator of the Rexeneración Autóctona association based on collective intelligence, from which she has recently edited and published the book Diálogos del Bosque Sensible arising from research on some activities of the Colectivo Artivista Pneuma

Celia combines her practices of art and meditation in retreat with her activity in the world through her courses and conferences on Artivism, Science, Buddhism and Symbology. ( and her supportive presence using as a tool the Symboanalisys.

She helps people to find meaning and to integrate situations that require difficult decisions through combinations of internal Symbols, in order to clarify vital directions, and External Archetypal Symbols, that resonate when solving practical questions. 

*In the history of science, the alchemy (from the arabic الخيمياء [al-khīmiyā]) it is an ancient practice and philosophical discipline that combines elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art.

In the spiritual realm of the alchemy, the alchemist should transmute their own soul and essence before transmuting the metals.


What is symboanalysis?

A path of selfknowledge and communication with our subsconcious mind
by using internal and external symbols.

Symbolic Language

Since we are born we understand the symbols, it is an innate knowledge that we can rediscover and use to understand ourselves better. The subconscious uses symbols to express itself.

Aumentar claridad

Integration Capacity

When we establish communication with our shadow aspects and assimilate them as part of our being, this integration of the being becomes wholeness.

desbloquear emociones y tensión muscular

Establecemos proyectos del Ser esencial

The design of our life comes from the connection with our deepest being. We contact him through visualizations and we feel the internal symbols. They will give us our vital direction.


Taking decisions

When we synchronize with collective archetypes and let them resonate within us, we make logical decisions based on our internal coherence. We are connected to the world.



Why should one allow oneself to carry out a symboanalysis? What for?
Re-know oneself

To do a symbol analysis is to make a deep inquiry about who we were and who we are today from our deepest essence.

Understand oneself

Knowing why we have certain attitudes helps us to change them, this movement gives us life, we feel happier, with more determination.

Relate to oneself

When we understand ourselves with our subconscious we are able to raise (and plant) our projects of love and life.


Letting ourselves to be accompanied means that we are willing to flourish. We learn to feel better both physically, mentally and emotionally, and this makes us happy.


Courses and Workshops

Face-to-face and online courses at UNED and elsewhere

Mezclar arte y astrología como una forma de llegar al autoconocimiento creando y viendo a través de la pintura qué es lo que somos y qué es lo que podemos llegar a ser.
2 de Marzo 2024
9:30 a 13:30 y 16:00 a 20:00


Un espazo aberto a indagar na conciencia a través do corpo, en interrelación cos outros e co mundo.
20 e 21 de Abril 2024
De 10:00 a 18:00


Toda unha tecnoloxía antiga para o benestar fisico e mental apto para todas as idades que poderás integrar no teu dia a dia incluso ao camiñar.
13 de Abril 2024
17:00 a 20:00


Un método poderoso de ordenar tu sistema familiar y encontrar tu propio espacio. Se trabaja desde la comprensión desde el corazón.
27 de Enero 2024
16:00 a 21:00


Continuation of the practical creativity workshop for pandemic times. Welcome new people to the group.
Online and deferred
11 y 25 de Julio y
6, 13 y 20 de Septiembre del 2020.
Sábados 10:00 a 14:00 h.

Researching subtile languages

Online, face-to-face and deferred.
A partir de Octubre 2020 en la UNED

Taking decisions

Online y presencial. Es un taller para trabajar nuestra potencialidad a la hora de encaminarnos a esas metas que están sincronizadas con nuestro corazón. Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Women in India

Para acercarnos a otras realidades femeninas y sus saberes cotidianos.
Online y en diferido
Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Practical creativity workshop for Pandemic times.

Online and deferred
9 de Mayo al 27 de Junio del 2020
Sábados 10:00 a 14:00 h
Continuación: Pneuma (ver arriba)

Interconnection and Social Commitment

Online, face-to-face and deferred.
Next dates to be determined
Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Female Male Energy

Online y presencial. Es un taller para trabajar nuestra parte femenina, nuestra parte masculina y armonizarla. Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Dreams and Reality Symbolic Borders

Online y en diferido
Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Interdisciplinarity and artistic thought

Online y presencial
Next dates to be determined
Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Synchronize with your vital project

Buscamos nuevos rumbos,
el viento de vida sopla
en nuestro interior.
Online y en diferido
Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

mujer salvaje cuadrado
Wild Woman

Es un taller para trabajar
desde nuestra esencia más pura,
más salvaje y más auténtica
Online y presencial
Finalizado Envía un mail a si estás interesada.

Art, Buddhism and Vital Processes

Online y presencial
Next dates to be determined
Envía un mail a si estás interesada.


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We accompany life decisions.

Life not lived is a disease from which one can die

Carl Gustav Jung
Interview with Celia Gradín about symboanalysis on the radio program A Boa Vida, directed by Mercè Alegría (in Galician)

For those of you who are more curious about what symboanalysis is, here is an interview in which I explain the fundamental concepts:


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Here the Blog

A place to share our ideas

To cross a bridge

Traditionally we cross bridges when we change our life, our cycle, our environment. The bridge is a very powerful symbol that tells us that we are making a soft connection that links two different aspects of our lives. It makes us aware that we are changing our attitude towards life, that our landscape is different and that we will need new tools, new clothes for the new places and times that are presented to us. If we cross a bridge from above, it indicates that we are seeing where we are going, we generally have an idea of ​​what the other shore is like.
Under the bridges resides the subconscious, things happen under the bridges. They are places that are more welcoming than passing through. Places of expression. We see graffiti under the bridges, I have seen whole parties of Galicians with bagpipes and dancing under the train bridge on Portobello Road, in London, and there too I have seen posters leaving room for questions after the terrible fire at Greenfell Tower. Under the bridge, what is on the outskirts of society is exposed, what has no other place. You have to see the American movies with the pimps under the highway bridges. As you can see, the bridges continue to be the expression of the connection. The connection with the superior, on top of the bridge as a rite of passage, we go to the other shore, towards the new life, leaving the past behind. Subconscious connections and meeting places with what has no place in the external and controlled world of rules. That is the place of the subconscious, without rules, without control. The place to meet your own shadows and give them a voice.

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